Friday, February 3, 2012


I have been wanting to put up a post on EZ SOX. As an Occupational Therapist I am constantly looking for ways to make to my clients more independent. When I had a client (age 9) that was unable to put on traditional socks I knew I had to find something to help him out. I then stumbled upon EZ SOX. They worked great and within 2 sessions he was putting them on himself. When I ordered some for him I also bought my 3 year-old some and she loves them!

They recently started making some for adults. These would work great for clients with knee/hip replacements, etc...

Right now the website has free shipping and if you enter the code EZ40 at the end of your order you will get 40% off! Not too bad for super cute functional socks.

*BTW I don't think a child needs to use these socks everyday for their life. These socks are ment as a training tool and there should be a transference of skills (meaning once they get the hang of pulling up these socks they should be able to pull up regular socks).

**I am sure that you could make a few pairs by adding a similar loop at the top of the socks (I would use an old cut up teeshirt or the like). Just make sure to reinforce it because they are ment to be pull on.

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