Monday, December 19, 2011

Visual-Motor Painting?

Visual-Motor Integration refers to a persons ability to coordinate their visual skills with their motor skills. Most of us do this instinctively.

When a child is born with developmental delays or has a neurological insistent later in life this integration of skills can be difficult. Even "typical" children can have difficulty, we can't all be Michael Jordan!

And now...

Container painting. My name is creative I know.

*Paint Brush (or fingers-depending on if you want to mix in the sensory or tool-use more)
*Small Containers with a hole punched in the lid, make the hole no bigger then what you want them to slide in and out. If you want then to use their fingers make sure the hole is a little big and the edges are smooth. I go my containers at the dollar store, 10 for a dollar. :)

Paint. No really, it's not much different during the task. It's more about the setup.

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