Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spray Paint

Wanna have fun and work on hand (think intrinsic muscles) and finger strengthening? 
How about "spray" painting?!

Grasping and spraying with a bottle is hard work, but totally satisfying when bright color comes out. If you use on old hair spray bottle (the pump kind) you can work on finger isolation/strengthening.

What you need:
Spray bottle (dollar store)
Cardboard or old table cloth for the backsplash

How it's done:
Put water in a spray bottle (don't fill it all the way up- it will be hard to get the color dark enough).
Add paint. A squeeze/dollop or 10 depending on how dark of a color you want. I tested the color by spraying a paper towel in the sink. Just add more paint or water until the desired color is achieved.
Put up the backsplash. It's best if it's floor length (paint can drip).
Tape up desired color sheet or paper.
Now spray!!!

*To speed up drying I use a blow dryer, so we can spray paint and embellish all in one session.

**If you are doing a Christmas tree like I did, bingo markers make great ordaments.

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