Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Dinner?!

I realize that this post may be a tad late (Thanksgiving was last Thursday). However the PT's at my work were so cute coming up with this that I had to share.

Thanksgiving dinner obstacle course (this can be changed to with different pieces to make it a Christmas dinner or even a school lunch).

     1. Stuff the turkey. They kids took an empty "turkey" bag and filled it with play balls from around the gym. (The kids can scooter board: in prone- tummy down (upper body & lower body propelling) or by sitting on their tushy (legs propel) to collect the "stuffing". If you don't have a scooter board you can use a skate board in the same positions or have them animal walk (crab, bear, bunny hop) to each ball.

When they are done have them tie up the turkey (see OT's you aren't left out!). Place the turkey on a lunch tray (ask a fast food restaurant for a donates one) or large cookie sheet (dollar store).

      2. Walk the balance beam to get the apple cider. To increase the fine motor in this activity have the kids rip yellow or orange paper into tiny pieces and place in a cup. Put on tray.

     3. Crawl through a tunnel or walk up stairs to get the more sides (play veggies, etc).

     4. Have then do ten jumping jacks or do the monkey bars to earn some pumpkin pie for their tray.

     5. Once their tray is full have them maneuver through another obstacle course over steps, under jump ropes held (limbo style), between chairs, holding tray while walking on knees/crawling/scootering, etc...

*Most kids have difficulty moving through a crowded lunch room. A little "practice" can ease the anxiety a hundred fold.
**This is a great total body sensory alerting activity.

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