Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful Tree

What's more therapeutic for a child (and a parent) then thinking/talking/writing about things they are thankful for?!

Well this super cute craft also works on visual motor skills (cutting/tracing) and fine motor skills (writing all the things they are thankful for).

Wanna grade it up? (Make it more difficult)
-Give spelling help not by writing it right in front of the child but on a wipe board or a piece of paper taped up in a wall in front of the child. This way they can work on far-point writing. This skill is needed to take notes off the board in class, but is frequently difficult for children.

Wanna grade it down? (Make it easier)
-Trace your child's hands (at least 5,alternating hands). Then have your child paint the hands(with fingers- if they need to work on tactile sensory processing or a brush-if they need to work on tool use). Then you cut the dried hands out. Discuss with your child what they are thankful for and help them write their thoughts or draw them on the hands or the fingers (depending on your time, their letter size and patience).

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