Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Clean Mud" Snowmen

This week I told my OT Intern Maureen to find a good "recipe" for clean mud. The truth? She wasn't able to find a great one and neither was I. So instead we came up (mostly Maureen) with a modified clean mud/snow Snowman.

What you need:
1/4 a bar of Ivory soap (dollar store for 4 bars)
Toilet paper- around 6 squares 2 ply give or take a square
A microwave
A cheese grater (again dollar store)
A plate
Tablespoon of warm water

Rip toilet paper into tiny pieces. (Fine motor/Bilateral integration)
Grate 1/4 a bar of soap.
Microwave for 30 secs or when the soap appears to stop growing.
Add shredded toilet paper and water.
Mix with your hands.
Form into snowman.
Decorate with glitter (mix into) eyes, pipe cleaner arms etc...
The snowman should dry and become hard.

*Warning...This is very sensory (mixed textures, strong smells, and changing temperatures). Children should be encouraged to participate but NOT forced.

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