Tuesday, November 15, 2011

ADL of Wiping...

Occupational Therapists work on ADL's or activities of daily living.
One of therapists "favorite" ADL's to work on is toileting...Hey it may be a dirty job but somebody's got to do it.

That being said in the setting I work in we aren't allowed to directly work on toilet skills. I usually just provide parents with advice and ideas on how to work on the skills on their own.

The following video was made for a client who was having trouble getting all the way "clean" after wiping. We practiced using a mirror and stickers. The stickers were placed on areas that would normally need cleaned after having a bowel movement. He practiced and eventually he was able to retrieve all the stickers with no verbal cues. Then for a few more weeks he used a mirror at home to "check" and make sure he was clean. After about a month he no longer required a mirror because he was able to throughly wipe himself.

Enjoy! And it's ok to laugh...I always do!

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