Friday, October 14, 2011

Super Hero Day

A month ago we had "Super Hero Day" in therapy land.
The kids loved it! Even the girls.

  • We warmed up our fingers and minds with a Super Hero Matching game. Kids match the heads and the bodies and put them together.

    Then we made Captain America shields using paper plates and homemade stencils. We even taped string on the back so the kids could slide their hand in like a real shield.

  • We made Super Hero designs using marshmallows and tooth picks. This works on pincer grasp (pushing toothpick into the marshmallow), sequencing, following directions and visual motor skills. 

  • The kids made super cute Hulks using a toilet paper roll and the printable found here

  • Clients can also work on body awareness by coping the Super Hero poses you model (arms flexing, 1 arm bent, one arm straight as if you are flying, etc..). 
  • My children even made Super Capes using on of Daddy's old shirts (as seen above). Just cut around the neck and into a cape shape. Depending on how old your child is they can either help cut or help decorate. Notice we are Apple people around here.

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