Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Q-Tip Skeletons!

My little sister runs a fabulous habilitation group on Saturdays. She uses my therapy area so I often find her cute projects and I make them my own...

This Monday I found a neat little skeleton made from Q-tips. My clients loved them.

What you need:
Q-tips (the kind with the paper sticks-they'll stick better)
School glue
Googly Eyes

Ways to use it:
Make an example and lay out the supplies and have them try and copy it exactly. This will work on attention, sensory processing (their hands are bound to get sticky!), fine motor skills and visual perception.

Or...For kids that are really ridged thinkers (things have to be a set way and be perfect) lay supplies out; plus some glitter, markers, maybe some Halloween stickers and tell the child that you would like them to make a skeleton but it CAN'T look just like yours. Encourage but don't give advice on what it SHOULD look it.

Now go get spooky!
*If the Q-tips are too hard for your kids to cut then bend them but don't break them. Then have the child finishing bending them until they snap. It's a great little finger strengthening task.

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