Thursday, September 29, 2011

Contact paper

A riddle for everyone: what costs one dollar, is clear, very therapeutic, and sticky all over?  Contact paper!

How to use it...

Tape it to a window, mirror, wall or box, sticky side out.
Give your kids different "manipulatives", (feathers, pom-pom balls, string, pipe cleaners, leaves, foam letters, noodles, beans, puzzle pieces, the list goes on), and watch the fun.'

Making it therapeutic...

Kids of all abilities can stick the above mentioned items on the paper, with very little resistance! They don't have to be as accurate as with stickers and magnets.

It's wonderfully sensory. It is sticky and they touch many different textures as they hang things up. If done on a window or a mirror, it can work on visual sensitivities as well.

Your child can practice many different skills.  For instance, they can spell their name from foam cut-out letters. They can work on addition skills with pinto beans and a few foam numbers.  Learning money skills can be achieved by sorting coins and having them stick a certain amount up.  Shapes and letters can be practiced by something as simple as string!

Positioning. Think about where the contact paper is placed. Do you want your child to kneel? Sit? Stand? Squat? Reach? Or Cross Midline? You are in control! Put pieces to the side and have them rotate to place the parts. Put a few pieces on the ground and then put the paper high so they have to practice bending and reaching.


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