Friday, September 2, 2011

Be creative

Therapy Equipment is EXPENSIVE.
Unless you are creative and therapy/learning is just a way of life.

In my last post I touched on pincer grasp and a cheap way to work on that skill. But please remember that was just ONE of a million ways to work on grasp.
Look around your house. Look at your hands. What do you use your hands for everyday that can be turned into a therapeutic game?

Do you ripe up old bills or junk mail? Did you realize that you are using the skills of bilateral integration, fine motor strengthening and control?

Life when lived thoughtfully, not just going through the movements to get things "done", is very therapeutic.

I would like to give another shout out for not doing things for your child that they are able to do for themselves. Don't snap their pants closed because they say they can't even though they have done it in the past. Instead stay calm, encourage and assist as little as possible (maybe hold the sides of their pants close while the snap). Don't open granola bars or yogurt. Teach them to do it and share the skills, share the learning.

But even a child that is living in a life full of learning may have things that they still struggle at. That is when we as parents/therapists need to get even more creative. Look around your environment and see what you have that can recreate and replicate opportunities for learning.

So do you have an old Parmesan container and a few noodles that can be used to practice pincer grasp?

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