Monday, August 22, 2011

Shaving Cream

 Shaving Cream

You will probably never meet a Pediatric OT or a Preschool teacher who doesn't use shaving cream. And no not just to shave. :) To play. To learn.
How to start:
1. Go to Walmart, Target, Amazon and buy a can or 3. I like Barbasol sensitive because it's cheap (about $1 a can) and I haven't had a kid have a reaction to it. If your child has extra sensitive skin Aveeno also makes shaving cream.
2. Decide where you want your child to play, kitchen table, water table, shallow rubbermaid, bathtub. Remember shaving is basically just soap so don't stress much if it gets on things. After all it is good to get messy sometimes!
3. Give your child/children a big pile in front of them (I usually spray it out in the shape of the first letter in their first name.)
4. Have them spread it out in front of them, this may require some "encouragement" to touch if they never have.

Ways to Play:
1. Make letters. When writing letters, first you give the "model" and remember to start your letters at the TOP!!!
2. Prewriting shapes for the younger crowd. There are 9 prewriting shapes that your child should be able to do before they really start writing.
3. Make a car wash. Have your child wash and dry toy cars (drying with towels can strengthen little hands). Small bowls of water for rising are great.
4. Add essential oils to make it an even better sensory experience. I love lavender.
5. Make an Ocean. A rubbermaid, real sea shells, little toy fish if you've got them, some water and shaving cream on top.
6. Painting. Give them a dish of shaving cream and let them paint the brick wall in your backyard.
7. Textured painting. Shaving cream, washable paint and Elemers glue. The shaving cream dries thick and billowy.  *I will do a post on this later!

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  1. Jenna! This is such a neat blog! I'm so glad I found it. Great info, thanks!