Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rain Storm

Sumner has always loved to play in the rain.
Maybe it is because when he was itty bitty (like 15 months old), we used to play "Rain Storm".
How to play Rain Storm:
Get into a running shower with your clothes on.
Get soaked.
Splash each other.
Wear socks.
Bring different "toys" in: boats, pots, cups, maybe even an umbrella if your shower is big enough.

That is it. I promise your kids will love it and you will be providing them with a super fun sensory experience. (The wetness, the pounding water, the warmth, the weight of the heavy clothes, the different noises the water makes as it hits different things. Enjoy!

*Oh and if it REALLY does rain, play outside in that too. You can fix your hair tomorrow.

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