Thursday, August 11, 2011


This week we had the theme of camping.
We made/played:

Miniature tents -
The tents work on cutting, sequencing, fine motor control and attention to task (they take 10+ minutes)

Smore's on a stick-
Crushing the graham crackers with your fingers, increases hand strength and is very sensory. This is also good for kids who have oral sensory processing difficulties as it has various textures and can be served warmed or cold.
Items needed:
Marshmallows, lollipop sticks, chocolate and graham crackers
1. Put one stick in each marshmallow
2. Crush graham crackers
3. Roll in melted chocolate
4. Roll in graham crackers
* They can be eaten right away or put in the fridge until the chocolate hardens.

"I'm going camping and I'm going to bring..."-
This is a memory game.
Someone starts out by saying, "I'm going camping and I'm going to bring a tent". Then the next person repeats the sentence and adds another item. Keep playing to see how many things you can remember.

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