Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fashion Statement

One of the most important things when practicing Pediatric Therapy is to remember to keep it fun. For your client and you.

If a child is resistant to using his/her hands because of weakness, pain, atypical sensory processing or delayed fine motor skills, you will need to "trick" them into working.
Sometimes in the middle of a conversation about Mario Brothers I just start randomly clipping clothespins all over my clothes.

This almost always results in two things...
1. The child thinks this is hilarious and helps me put more on. Or they put them on themselves.
2. They are so literal or serious that they think I'm ridiculous and immediately start pulling them off of me. (This also works great if you clip some on them.)

So...Have a little fun. Be silly. Practice prewriting shapes with pudding or put socks on your hands. After all the best therapy for a child is PLAY. (The idea for this post came from a client that couldn't stop laughing at me and wanted to take a picture. Don't mind the face I do almost anything for a laugh.)

*Clipping on and off clothespins prompts a strong pincer grasp and works on increasing finger strength.  I got the clothespins and the container from the dollar tree. The pins all fit inside and when you aren't clipping them on each other the can be clipped all around the lip of the container. A self contained mess. My favorite. :)

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