Thursday, August 18, 2011


Why I love Chopsticks...

  1. They are cheap.
  2. Every child and adult wants to use/play with them.
  3. They work on fine motor control, pincer grasp, and pre-cutting skills.
How to use:
Eat with them, maybe even family dinner! (cheerios, fun-shaped noodles, green beans...)
Pick up little plastic animals with them (have the child say the name, the sound or the first letter of the animal).
Use fun colored "puff balls" and have them sort by color.
Have a race and see who can put the most cotton balls in their bowl.

Grade it:
You can make this easier or harder by what you ask them to pick up. 
A cotton ball will be much easier to pick up than picking up a pea without smashing it.

Buy some:  
I usually get chopsticks at the dollar store (with the easy connector) or you can buy on Amazon, or get at them Pei Wei (ask for kids chopsticks).   

Holdstix - Easy to Use Chopsticks

 6 FUNCHOP Chopstick Helpers


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